MQIC Keynotes On The Developments Of Qualitative Data Evaluation

ABSTRACT: South Asia has the largest variety of baby labourers on the earth as well as the largest number of kids out of school. There was a mutual recognition, if not all the time admiration, of sociology and philosophy. A branch of sociology known as financial sociology offers with the social points of financial life. Additionally it is contains the study of relationship of schooling to different points of social system significantly kinship, social stratification, political organization, data and attitudes to knowledge.

Even structuralists like Claude Levi Strauss held that sociology may be considered a juxtaposition (aspect by facet) of sociological widespread sense and science. Those who dealt with these issues are considered as the founding fathers of Sociology because they have been seriously concerned with these issues in a scientific means. It bequeathed to modern sociology the notion of historic varieties of society and thus enabled the socialists to build classification of societies.

Based on them the research of social psychology is an interaction between individual character and social structure and it may be approached either from the side of sociology or from the side of biology. Adherents to this perspective insist that essentially the most powerful in society at all times try to use their influence and power to monopolize management of training in their favour.